Our SudacolorTM range of general purpose colors is widely used in the decorative and printing industries as a good reliable option. Our core range and customised SudacolorTM pigments are successfully used to make colorants for in-store and in-plant tinting systems, demonstating our capability to control to tight specifications.

SudacolorTM pigments are compliant with regulary guidelines and are generally equivalent to or superior than other leading products.

Sudacolor products are available for the following markets:

The following products match your search criteria:

Color Index
TDS Info
(pdf download)
(pdf download)
Sudacolor™ Yellow 163
PY 17
Sudacolor™ Yellow 195
PY 13
Sudacolor™ Orange 211D
PO 34
Sudacolor™ Red 312
PR 2
Sudacolor™ Red 563
PR 48:2

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