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Sudarshan Group. Quality

We are committed to quality – we achieve excellent product and process reliability and offer the hard-to-make products for applications where product purity and specification matter most. The Total Quality Management concepts taught by Philip Crosby are followed throughout our organisation to engender a quality culture in all our employees.

Product consistency
and process control

ISO 9001

Six Sigma

We use the best raw materials, globally sourced with over 600 test specifications.

Our finished products are guaranteed to over 3,500 specifications using over 300 industry-relevant test methods which helps us generate right-first-time approvals. We are a Six Sigma approved blackbelt supplier.

Accurate technical information

ISO 17025:2005

Our laboratories are certified by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Callibration Laboratories.

Reliable service

Oliver Wight Class A Certificate

We are recognised for operational excellence in supply chain management.

Easy access to order information


We use fully traceable business processes.

Occupational health

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

We ensure safety for our plant operatives.

Cost control

Six Sigma

We use proven methodology to deliver ongoing cost reductions.


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