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Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited is owned by the Rathi group of companies and accounts for 70% of the Rathi group sales revenue each year. Sudarshan’s color and effect pigment business is the flagship of the group, contributing 67% of Sudarshan’s group turnover, US$140 million.

We make all our products in-house on our production plants in Roha and Mahad, in the Maharastra state of India. Our extensive range of products includes organic and inorganic pigments, mica-based effect pigments, chemical intermediates and pesticides.

We have a continuous R&D programme, with over 100 technologists working on new and customised solutions.

We were the first chemical company in India to be awarded the ISO 9001 certificate in 1993 and continuously evolve and improve ourselves throughout to maintain high quality standards at every level of the company. We are also accredited with ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 17025 international quality standards.

In order to improve the customer service, we have implemented many planning tools like SAP and CRM that connect our factories, branch offices and depots. Supply chain solutions are currently being implemented to further increase the value of our goods.

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Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.
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