Sustainability Overview

Sudarshan has always taken its responsibility to society very seriously, embracing the people of Roha and Mahad that live in the vicinity of its manufacturing facilities and their welfare with these initiatives.

Our plants at Roha & Mahad have been instrumental in developing these backward areas and today the company is helping over 700 employees and their families live a better life.

More than 600 housing units have been constructed for its employees and recreational facilities like badminton courts, tennis courts, gymnasium, and video clubs have been set up.

The Sudarshan Education Programme

The J. M. Rathi High School provides education to over 800 students and is recognized by the state government to be the best in the area. Likewise, the J. M. Rathi Technical Training Institute trains the local people for jobs in chemical plants and workshops.


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Latest News

Sudarshan Completes Installation of Windmill for Clean Energy

  26 February 2018

In their push to use clean sustainable energy Sudarshan has recently completed the installation of 2 windmills

Sudarshan at IN-COSMETICS GLOBAL 2018

  09 February 2018

Sudarshan will be participating at Cosmetics Exhibition, IN-COSMETICS GLOBAL 2018, Amsterdam


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