Our product portfolio is positioned strategically to cater to a broad range of end applications and performance criteria.

Color & Effect Pigments for Industrial Applications

A premium range of the highest performance pigments, with technical benefits for the most demanding plastic and coatings applications.

A consistently high quality range of medium performance organic pigments, increasing options available for coloration

A well designed range of organic pigments that provides the best combination quality, value and easy-use.

An extensive range of traditional inorganic pigments that impart excellent color, durability and coverage for the most demanding applications.

A Complementary range of High pigment content, water based, resin free, pastes in easy-to-use stir-in form, for decorative paints and other applications

SumicaTM & SumicaTM NXR
A comprehensive range of mica based pigments that impart brilliant visual effects and stunning lustre to add value to your products

Effect Pigments for Cosmetic Applications

Sudarshan’s SumicosTM and PrestigeTM pearlescent pigments unfold their effect just like nature, reflecting the light like natural pearls and giving the impression of transparency and a softly shimmering tone.

Our PrestigeTM brand brings to the fore our softer and more matte effect products with high purity levels that are apt for use in color cosmetics and make up.

Our SumicosTM brand brings the brilliancy and shimmer to distinguish products in the personal care space.