We offer the complete palette, colors for everday use, lasting durable color and special effect. Our range of classical and high performance organic, inorganic and effect pigments offers formulators choice without compromise – all from just one supplier.

Our performance range of heavy metal free organic pigments offers exceptional choice to formulate bright solid colors.

Our transparent and semi-transparent colors are easily combined with Sudarshan’s SumicaTM pearlescent pigments, or with metalic pigments, to produce durable special effect colors for the automotive industry. They are suitable for interior and exterior use.

Our extensive range of pigments and dispersions offers excellent value in-use providing a one-stop solution for decorative paints.

Product Range for Coatings

Product Color Index Sub-Applications
Solvent Deco Water Deco Industrial Auto Refinish Auto OEM Powder Coating

SudapermTM Yellow 2903

PY 151

SudapermTM Yellow 2906

PY 154

SudafastTM Yellow 128C

PY 74

SudafastTM Yellow 127

PY 74

SudacolorTM Yellow 118

PY 65

SudacolorTM Yellow 119C

PY 65

SudafastTM Yellow 134

PY 83

SudapermTM Yellow 2935

PY 139

SudapermTM Yellow 2929C

PY 110

SudapermTM Yellow 2925C

PY 110

SudapermTM Yellow 2926C

PY 110

SudapermTM Orange 2919

PO 64

SudapermTM Orange 2915C

PO 36

SudafastTM Red 331

PR 112

SudafastTM Red 336

PR 112

SudafastTM Red 341

PR 112

SudapermTM Red 2963C

PR 170

SudapermTM Red 2964C

PR 170

SudapermTM Red 2967C

PR 170

SudapermTM Red 2988C

PV 19

SudapermTM Red 2953C

PR 264

SudapermTM Red 2951C

PR 264

SudapermTM Pink 2997C

PR 122

SudapermTM Pink 3000C

PR 122

SudapermTM Pink 2998

PR 122

SudapermTM Red Violet 2995

PV 19

SudapermTM Red Violet 2996

PV 19

SudafastTM Blue 2662

PB 15:1

SudafastTM Blue 2773

PB 15:2

SudafastTM Blue 2784

PB 15:3

SudafastTM Blue 2796

PB 15:4

SudafastTM Green 2727C

PG 7

SudafastTM Blue 2774

PB 15:2
  Suitable for application
  Potential use in application


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