SUDHA works towards building a better society by exploring new vistas of education, self-employment, and healthcare.

SUDHA – Sudarshan’s Holistic Aspirations

  • SUDHA is a movement by Sudarshan to involve its people and community to create a better living standard & environment for ourselves and the people around us
  • An aspiration to create holistic awareness that matches with the vision of Sudarshan
  • To impact the lives of people not only in our community but the outside world

Higher Purpose

The higher purpose of Sudarshan is ‘Growing Together’ by being Spiritually Fulfilling, Socially Just and Environmentally Sustainable.

Vision of SUDHA

Wholesome sustainable growth of women and children in communities around Sudarshan’s plants.

Mission of SUDHA

Reach out to communities by engaging in projects pertaining to Women Empowerment, Health, Education, Environment and Community Development.

Objectives of SUDHA

Serving communities for a better future

Creation of belongingness through sustainable inclusive growth

Empowering women for leadership

Creating groups to lead projects ahead

We have chosen to focus our efforts on four main areas of work:

women empowerment








Women Empowerment

Our work focuses primarily on underprivileged women in the local community, around our facilities, to empower them through livelihood enhancement and vocational skill development projects.

For the past 3 years we have been working on a Paper Bag Making project wherein these women are trained to make various types of paper bags and then provided a market for the paper bags they make.

We are targeting over 300 women covering over 6 villages in our vicinity. Some are also being trained in Basic & Advanced Stitching to earn an income from various stitching assignments.

If you would like to either donate paper for the bags or purchase any of these items please contact Rupesh Marbate or Vaishali Mule

Supporting Women for a Small Entrerpreneurship Venture

SUDHA works towards inculcating a sense of independence & confidence within the women of rural India. They trained & recruited a few more women and with the help of team SUDHA, organised Rakhi stalls at various places in Pune, Roha, Mahad and Khopoli. This earned them a profit of about 86% on the capital cost. The women also make ‘Nachni Papad’ & “Thali Peet” to earn their living.

Women’s Day Celebration 2018

Ms. Sindhutai Sakpal was the chief guest for the Women’s Day Celebration. She is a social activist and works towards the development of underprivileged children. She has established many orphanages that take care of orphan children.


Eradicating anemia in the women of the local community has been our main focus activity here.

We have taken steps from creating awareness on the importance of health, hygiene, nutrition and societal balance to organizing check-up camps, medication and medical follow ups.

Kitchen Garden Project for Community Development

This initiative helps in promoting healthy eating by growing vegetables in the house backyard. 90 Households have benefitted from this initiative.

Clean Water for Healthier Lives

Safe drinking water is the basic need of every individual. Under the safe potable water project, SUDHA has provided best-in-class water filters to about 17 schools in Roha, and which has benefited more than 300 students and teachers in the region. This will eradicate the water-borne diseases in the village.


The founders of Sudarshan had independently started a school, J. M. Rathi High School, for the people of Roha in 1971 which caters to students of the entire Raigad community. This was the foundation of a life-long commitment to education.

Sudarshan has carried forward this torch and are working with Seva Sahayog Foundation (SSF) in Pune and Magic Bus in Roha to enhance the accessibility and quality of education.

Project Samutkarsh, commenced in collaboration with SSF, aims to reach over 100 slums in Pune city over the next three years and will work to enhance child development, health & vocational education.

In Roha, Sudarshan has tied up with Magic Bus to bring about positive changes in the behavior and attitude of children and parents in the domain areas of education, gender, and health using Magic Bus’ sport and activity-based curriculum. This program will cover 1500 children in 17 Zilla Parishad Schools in Roha.

Sudarshan has also setup a computer lab at the JMRathi School to be used not only by the students of the school but also for children of the local community. Basic computer education at the lab will be provided by established computer education firms in the region.

Distribution of Utensils under Education Initiative

The “Ideal Village Development Project” at Roha under the Education Initiative, Utensils was distributed to the Anganwadis. Kitchen equipment was distributed to six Anganwadis & 146 children are Beneficiaries of this initiative.

Community Development

Distribution of Shoes for Rural and Tribal Children

In collaboration with Bata, 463 shoes were distributed to the children from the tribal hamlets of the two villages.

Livelihood - The Building Bricks of Progress

SUDHA has been proactively involved in skill development for the ultra poor tribal youths Due to the strong collaboration between IL & FS and renowned construction firms, the well deserving candidates receive placement guarantee.


We take our impact towards the environment very seriously and have tied up with an NGO, Know How Foundation (INORA), to run initiatives that promote the awareness of waste management, vermi-composting & organic farming.

The waste management initiative has been spread across 10 villages around Roha, Mahad & Sutarwadi.

Growing Organically- Organic Farming Project

SUDHA has been guiding the farmers across Mulshi to conduct farming through organic methods. No chemicals and Absolutely No fertilizers. Recently, 150 farmers has been certified under PGS.

Awards & Recognitions

Our efforts have been recognised with the following awards:

“Winner of special commendation for Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility - 2016

Based on the submission of Self - Appraisal Report and duly filled in application, IOD [Institute of Directors] has been declared 'Sudarshan Chemicals Industries Limited' as the Winner of 'Special Commendation' for ‘Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility’ for the year 2016, by the Awards Jury under the Chairmanship of Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India.

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“Global CSR Excellence & Leadership Award for Women Empowerment” at the World CSR Congress 2014 for our Paper Bag Project.

Mrs. Rachna Rathi, thought leader for SUDHA, bagged the “Women Leadership Award” at the World Women Leadership Congress 2014


For more information or if you would like to support SUDHA please contact Rupesh Marbate or Vaishali Mule