Environment Health & Safety

As a major chemical producer, we understand the importance of protecting and caring for our local and global environment. Our ongoing investments reflect our long-term commitment to sustainable growth.

At Sudarshan our employees are trained to operate and maintain our facilities in an environmentally responsible & safe manner and we drive year-on-year improvements to our Safety, Health & Environment efforts by:

  • Identifying, assessing and minimizing risks to the employees and their surroundings
  • Setting objectives to continually improve our performance in SHE
  • Complying with SHE legislations
  • Adopting suitable safety and environmental practices and proactive measures to minimize associated hazards and risk arising due to our industrial activities
  • Designing our processes and plant operations to minimize risk & wastage
  • Enhancing the skill and competence of our employees through training
  • Reducing our consumption of energy and natural resources
  • Communicating our policy to all our employees, contractors, vendors and all other interested parties regularly

Health & Safety

ISO 14001 & ISO 45001

Our sites have been certified and function in accordance with the requirements of Safety, Health & Environment Management Systems in accordance with ISO 14001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018

British Safety Council – Sword of Honor

Our commitment & focus on safety has earned us the coveted ‘British Safety Council Sword of Honor’ award for both our Roha & Mahad sites.


We recognize our responsibility towards the environment and have taken on various activities on to ensure that we leave a better planet for the future generations.

Effluent Treatment

Our state of the art effluent treatment facilities and the standards of operation are recognized throughout the region as most stringent

Wealth Out of Waste

During 2018, Sudarshan continued to focus on Environment management by further strengthening the effluent treatment facility at Roha and Mahad.

While ETP expansion, Sudarshan considered reduction in green house gases due to installation of AHR (Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor).

Sudarshan is moving towards Wealth from Waste for installing both primary and secondary sludge where secondary sludge is used in cogen as a fuel.

Highly advanced technology used in the tertiary plant with installation of auto disc filters & activated glass media filters which reflcets in outlet measuring TSS values less than 20ppm.

AHR (Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor)

Paddle Dryer

Green Sudarshan

Across our sites we have invested significantly to create green surroundings that are not only healthy but also pleasing to work in

Co-Gen Facility

To further our commitment towards the environment and also to ensure uninterrupted power to our plant we have initiated the construction of a steam & power co-generation plant. We expect to generate 50 Tons per hour of steam and 8MW per hour of electricity. Environmental benefits of the co-gen facility are:

  • CO2 emission reduction approx. 480,000 Kg/Day as there will not be any need to purchase power from MSEB/Open access
  • Suspended Particulate matter less than 50mg/Nm3
  • Uninterrupted power supply to process consistent quality of product
  • High efficiency will result in less fuel consumption