Sudarshan produces a high quality range of classical organic pigments for the coloration of publication and commercial printing inks for magazines, direct mail and other commercial printing.

Pigments for inks

Sudarshan specializes in pigments for liquid ink. Our comprehensive color range offers high quality, consistent, organic pigments at an affordable price, ideal for direct letterpress, gravure, flexo and screen printing. We support ink manufacturers with excellent technical service, support and customized products – a partnership approach, providing solutions that make sense.

Our Cyan, Magenta and Yellow process pigments are highly dispersible, designed to achieve high pigment loading without adversely affecting the rheology of paste inks or the print quality produced. Our spot colors are selected to reach color extremities that maximize the color space achievable for formulators

Product Range for Inks

Product Color Index Sub-Applications
Offset Inks Solvent Liquid Inks Aqueous Liquid Inks

SudacolorTM Yellow 182

PY 14

SudacolorTM Yellow 169

PY 13

SudacolorTM Yellow 195

PY 13

SudacolorTM Orange 211D

PO 34

SudacolorTM Red 511

PR 53:1

SudacolorTM Red 314

PR 2

SudacolorTM Red 312

PR 2

SudacolorTM Red 604

PR 57:1

SudacolorTM Red 623

PR 57:1

SudafastTM Red 2973

PR 146

SudafastTM Blue 2779D

PB 15:3

SudafastTM Blue 2786D

PB 15:3

SudafastTM Blue 2791D

PB 15:4

SudafastTM Blue 2792D

PB 15:4

SudafastTM Green 2727

PG 7
  Suitable for application
  Potential use in application


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