Archival Policy 

Board Diversity Remuneration and Succession Policy 

Board Policies 

Code of Conduct for Directors and Senior Management Personnel 

Code of Conduct Policy for Business Partners 

Code of Fair Disclosure 

Composition of Committees and KMP 

Composition of Committees of the Board 

Corporate Code of Conduct Policy 

Corporate Sustainability (CSR) Policy 

Corporate Sustainability Policy 

Determination of Material Events or Information Policy 

Diversity and Inclusion Policy 

Dividend DIstribution Policy 

Employee Benefits 

Employee Code of Conduct Policy 

Environment Health and Safety Policy 

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy 

Equal Employment Policy 

Familiarisation of Independent Directors 

Human Right Policy 

Investor Communication Policy 

IT and Cyber Security Policy 

Letter of Appointment for S A Panse 4th September 2020 

Letter of Appointments Independent Directors 

Letter of Appointments Independent Directors 7th August 2019 

Letter of Appointments Independent Directors 9th August 2014 

List of CSR Projects for 2021-22 

List of CSR Projects for 2023-24 

Material Subsidiary Policy 

Name of the Debenture Trustees with full contact details 

Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace 

Preservation of Documents Policy 

Prohibition of Insider Trading Policy 

Related Party Transaction Policy 

Remuneration Policy 

Responsible Procurement Policy 

Risk Management Policy 

Terms of Reference of Committees 

Whistle Blower Vigil Mechanism Policy