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Working with Sudarshan opens diverse opportunities along with flexibility in growth and learning. We foster diverse, open minded and resourceful culture.

Advancement into managerial and leadership
Advancement into managerial and leadership

Career Advancement Programs

We have many careers progression and professional development opportunities to support advancement into managerial and leadership roles. People are the most important key in our journey. Our objective is to support our people in overcoming the competency gaps.

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

Designed to nurture internal talent for leadership skills and competencies in order to support personal and professional growth of high performing employees.

Manager Development Program

Manager Development Program

Creating the effective managers ready to take responsibilities and contribute to company’s growth plan. The aim is to strengthen their core operation skills like project management, communication, people management, etc.

Shopfloor Strengthening Program

Shopfloor Strengthening Program

Building of Self Managed Team (SMT) with cross functional trainings for shopfloor employees.…

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Academy addresses technical, behavioural and functional competency of our employees for all functions. This competency framework is used in our all our people processes like recruitment, training and development, promotions, etc. Employees are assessed on competencies to know the gaps and build-up on their strengths.

Academy also helps employees to learn, unlearn and relearn. We have trained internal trainers who supports academy to conduct systematic training programs for the employees. We believe in growing together, collaborative learning and knowledge sharing.

Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and Recognition scheme is to create overall culture of appreciation by identifying and motivating our best performing employees.

Value Week Celebration

Sudarshan celebrates ‘value week’ every quarter, wherein we celebrate all of our core values. The celebration involves highlighting employee’s success stories, inspirational videos, skits, quizzes, reward and recognition, and group activities.

Performance Appreciation

Annual appreciation of high performing employees with the right attitude, skills and talent. We join together to celebrate their success stories.

Contribution Gratitude

A token of appreciation and recognition for employees’ who have contributed to the growth of the company over longer period of time.