Pigments for Cosmetics

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Sudarshan's quality pearlescent and inorganic pigments offer outstanding performance, brilliant color and special effect to the cosmetic and personal care industries.

Cosmetics Applications

Our cosmetics pigments are carefully selected to provide a comprehensive range with a wide spectrum of colors and effects for color cosmetics and personal care applications.

Our Sumicos and Prestige pearlescent pigments unfold their effect just like nature, reflecting the light like natural pearls and giving the impression of transparency and a softly shimmering tone.

Our Sudacos range offers high purity D&C pigments with highest chroma, outstanding colour consistency, and excellent dispersibility.

Our lustrous range of products brings brilliancy and shimmer to color cosmetic formulations
Our pigment range gives very subtle optical appearance to create a younger looking skin

Color Cosmetics and Personal Care Portfolio


Our Prestige range of pearlescent pigments have exceptional high purity offering very subtle optical…

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Our Sumicos range of pigments brings brilliancy and shimmer to distinguish products in the personal care…

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Our Sudacos range of organic pigments offers highest chroma, superior color consistency and high purity…

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