Digital Inks

Pigments for Printing

Sudarshan is striving to provide best in class pigments for digital inks. We are a development partner for our customers to meet their stringent requirements.

Color Solutions for Digital Inks

We provide the best quality pigments, expert technical service and competitive prices to cater to your digital ink requirements.

Our Sudajet range of pigments have been carefully developed in order to achieve the desired small particle size and narrow particle size distribution in inkjet formulations, thereby offering an excellent dispersibility and enhanced printing experience in digital inks applications.

Sudajet range of pigments offer high transparency, excellent colour strength and colour intensity and are suitable for stable low viscosity inks which makes them an ideal choice for use in digital inks applications.

Application Expertise

With our Sudajet range of products, we facilitate customer experience and offer application expertise to an ever evolving inkjet industry.

Intensively Tested

We offer products for aqueous, solvent based as well as UV-Inkjet applications. Our pigments are intensively tested in specific formulations.

Good Dispersibility

Our specially selected range of toner pigments offer good dispersibility and high transparency in the toner resin system.

Technical Properties

  • Exceptional print performance
  • High transparency
  • Excellent colour strength and colour intensity
  • Small particle size with excellent dispersibility
  • Stability at low viscosity (4 weeks @ 60°C)
  • Excellent light and weather fastness
  • Controlled purity and low ion content
  • Low conductivity

Product Compliance

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