Educating students of the Raigad community

The founders of Sudarshan had independently started a school, J. M. Rathi High School, for the people of Roha in 1971 which caters to students of the entire Raigad community. This was the foundation of a life-long commitment to education.

Sudarshan has carried forward this torch and are working with Seva Sahayog Foundation (SSF) in Pune and Magic Bus in Roha to enhance the accessibility and quality of education.

Project Samutkarsh, commenced in collaboration with SSF, aims to reach over 100 slums in Pune city over the next three years and will work to enhance child development, health & vocational education.

In Roha, Sudarshan has tied up with Magic Bus to bring about positive changes in the behavior and attitude of children and parents in the domain areas of education, gender, and health using Magic Bus’ sport and activity-based curriculum. This program will cover 1500 children in 17 Zilla Parishad Schools in Roha.

Sudarshan has also setup a computer lab at the JMRathi School to be used not only by the students of the school but also for children of the local community. Basic computer education at the lab will be provided by established computer education firms in the region.

For more information or if you would like to support SUDHA please contact Rupesh Marbate