Industrial Coatings

Sudarshan brings a unique opportunity to the industrial, transportation and automotive sectors with leading products, excellent service and exceptional value.

Color Solutions for Industrial Coatings

Our Sudaperm and Sudafast pigments have been carefully selected to cater to the most stringent demands of the high-performance coatings industry. They are ideal for use in general industrial paint, powder coatings applications and coil coatings.

Exceptional Value

Sudaperm and Sudafast pigments are ideal choice for heavy metal-free colorants. Our pigments can be used in applications with stringent color requirements by offering required opacity, color brightness and performance.

Special Effects

Transparent colors in the range are easily combined with pearlescent pigments, in our Sumica range, to produce excellent special effects which are stable in harsh environmental conditions. They are suitable for interior and exterior applications, with special weather-resistant grades.

Sudarshan pigments are generally equivalent to or superior than other leading products and they offer exceptional value-in-use.

Technical Properties

  • Bright and intense colors
  • High tinctorial strength
  • Good range of opaque and transparent pigments
  • Wide choice of economic and premium products
  • Wide compatibility across reactive and non-reactive binders and curing agents
  • Readily dispersible pigments
  • Excellent light fastness and weather fastness

Product Compliance

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