J.M. Rathi English School & Junior College (JMRES)

Reaching out to the community has always been an important part of Sudarshan’s philosophy. The Rathi family strongly believe that a child without a holistic education is like a bird without wings.

In 1976, the founders of Sudarshan also founded the J.M. Rathi English School & Junior College (JMRES) to ensure that the children of employees who are relocated to Roha, which is an important industrial center, would not have to compromise on the quality of education. This was the start of a lifelong commitment to education in the Raigad district.

The primary goals are:

  • To ensure quality education of their employees' children.
  • To increase the level of education in the local communities.
  • To empower all children to fulfil their duty to their fellow men, local communities, and country.

The school has grown to a student population of 1700. 60% of students are children of Sudarshan employees in the region. The remaining 40% are residents of the greater Roha area.

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.

The culture is defined by connection, motivation and positivity. It is a culture that fosters and encourages hard work, competence, ownership and teamwork. When all of these are brought together, the students achieve their personal best.

This culture can be described as R. I. S. E.

  • R – Resilience – the anchor
  • I – Integrity – the foundation
  • S – Synergy – the diversity
  • E – Excellence – the goal
J.M. Rathi English School & Junior College (JMRES)