K-Beauty trends Glass Skin

K-Beauty has become a bit of a cult skincare term over the years, and one that is followed by beauty editors and celebrities, influencers and models.

K-Beauty is essentially any beauty trend that comes out South Korea, and usually involves glowing skin and hydrating products.

Enter 'Glass Skin'. You too can shine like a goddess by perfecting the trendy 'glass skin' look that originated from South Korea.

Glass skin refers to a translucent and luminous complexion. Rather than applying heaps of makeup, the glass skin look emphasizes using light makeup that’s built upon well-hydrated skin.

Before applying makeup, you may want to throw on a sheet mask or spritz some hydration mist. Highlighters illuminate skin and give the ultimate shimmery, glass-like effect. Liquid highlighters work best when trying to achieve a dewy and radiant appearance. Apply highlighter on the cheekbone, brow bone and Cupid’s bow of the lips and apply just a smidge on the bridge of your nose and center of your forehead.

In the US, 75% of Gen Z beauty product users feel best when they look like their natural self, underlining the importance of light makeup looks for these consumers. Liquid highlighters will also appeal to the 58% of female makeup users in the US who typically wear makeup to enhance their natural looks.

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