Paste Inks

Pigments for Printing

Sudarshan pigments for paste inks are recommended for both offset and screen printing and are a popular choice for metal decorative printing.

Color Solutions for Paste Inks

Paste ink is widely used for printing on paper substrates. The technology works on emulsion technique (the fact that oil and water does not mix with each other). These inks are supplied in form of paste which are thick and tacky in nature.

Excellent Performance

Sudarshan's pigments for paste inks are selected based on flow, oil absorption, acid and alkali resistance properties depending on end application requirement.

Stunning Effects

Sudarshan has developed proprietary surface-modifying chemistries to achieve inks with the desired ultra-low viscosity, good rheology and high gloss.

Our Sumica range of effect pigments can easily be combined with transparent colors to provide stunning sparkle effects for liquid inks.

A Partnership Approach

We support ink manufacturers with the best quality pigments and customized products, backed by excellent expert technical service, support and competitive prices.

Technical Properties

  • Exceptional range of vibrant opaque, translucent and transparent colors
  • Easy dispersion
  • Good range of light fastness and color permanence for exterior conditions
  • Excellent performance in low viscosity inks, demonstrating superior rheology control to many industry standard grades
  • Excellent solvent resistance
  • Stable to reactive resins and polymer and suitable for PA, vinyl and NC inks

Product Compliance

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