Pigments for Seed Treatments

Sudarshan is one of the key suppliers of color solutions (pigments) for seed treatment and agricultural industry. We offer powder and aqueous based dispersions for seed coating, pesticide coloration and fertilizer coating applications.

The combination of organic pigment powder and dispersions, with a large portfolio of mica effect pigments, results in a full-service portfolio for the agriculture industry segment. In seed coating application, our pigments provide high color strength, good dispersibility and good hiding power, which results in protection from harsh environments and longer shelf life.

Organic pigments (powder) offer a wide color range for safe, eye-catching, high value seed products.

  • Colored seed coatings help farmers to increase planting accuracy and seed identification.
  • Color can provide a differentiating and enhanced seed appearance.
  • Sudarshan Sudaperm, Sudafast & Sudacolor meet the requirements for seed treatment: strict purity requirements for low heavy metal and primary aromatic amine content.
  • In the US, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) requires seeds to be color coded.
    • All products are exempted from the requirement of tolerance under U.S. EPA 40 CFR § 180.920.
  • Pigments in powder form to be compatible with customer specific formulation needs.
  • Sudarshan pigments for seed applications have good light and weather fastness and are resistant to alkalis and acids.
    • Pigment Blue 15:3
    • Pigment Green 7
    • Pigment Red 112
    • Pigment Red 48:2
    • Pigment Violet 23
    • Pigment Yellow 1

Aqueous-based organic pigment dispersions enable easy handling for seed treatment.

  • Sudanyl and Sudafine aqueous-based organic pigment dispersions are recommended products lines for seed treatment.
  • High solids content and optimized dispersion yield the maximum color strength.
  • Easy handling due to simple dosage and pumpability.
  • No dusting resulting in a clean production environment.
  • No negative impact on germination process.

Mica effect pigments add both beauty and function to seed coatings.

  • Sumica brand mica effect pigments are recommended for seed treatment.
  • High luster premium appearance.
  • Does not interfere with germination.
  • Improves seed flowability.
  • Reduces seed bridging.
  • Can be used with your current seed treatment system.
  • Wide range of colors and sizes to enhance sheen and compliment your brand’s look.

Contact Sudarshan or your local Sudarshan representative for more information on how Sudarshan’s line of pigments can enhance your seed treatment needs.