Pigment for Plastics

Lasting, Durable

Our pigments have been carefully selected from our Sudaperm, Sudacolor and Sudafast ranges to provide a palette with a wide spectrum of colors and performance for plastic applications.

Plastics Applications

Sudarshan is the only pigment producer with the capability of offering this breadth of options, with a leading range of traditional inorganic colorants and heavy metal free organic pigments, we cater for all perspectives.

Sudarshan pigments are generally equivalent to or superior than other leading products and they offer exceptional value-in-use.

Food Grades

Sudarshan produces pigments that are recommended for packaging and other indirect food contact applications.

They have controlled heavy metal soluble content that meet food contact guidelines for every batch.

Cable Grades

Sudarshan produces pigments with a controlled conductivity level (250ms) that are ideally suited for electrical cabling applications.

Special Effects

Transparent colors in the range are easily combined with pearlescent pigments, in our Sumica range, or metallics, to produce excellent special effects which are stable to extrusion & moulding processes, and plastic coatings and packaging.

They are suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Technical Properties

  • Bright and intense colors with high tinctorial strength
  • Good range of opaque and transparent pigments
  • Wide choice of economic and higher performance, heat stable, non-migratory and low-warping pigments
  • Wide compatibility across reactive and non-reactive polymers
  • Readily dispersible with exceptional light fastness and weatherfastness

Product Compliance

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