Safety Award for Mahad 2008

Sudarshan has been awarded the most prestigious award from the National Safety Council (NSC) in India for its performance at their Mahad production plant.

The Maharashtra department of the Council recognized the Mahad plant for achieving a Zero Accident Frequency Rate for a spectacular three years in succession, since the start of 2005.The NSC presented the Certificate of Merit to the Mahad team for their meritorious performance in industrial safety in the Chemicals & Fertilizers Industry group, during a ceremony held on 20 September 2008 at Mumbai.

Sudarshan spends over $1 million on Health, Safety and Environment every year, and their expenditures are evidently not being squandered. “Let us join together in congratulating the Mahad team for this achievement and let this be an inspiration for everyone to raise their safety performance level to greater heights”, was the joyful response from Mr. K.R. Ambekar, Vice President Engg, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited.

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