Sudarshan’s Got You Covered

We know you have a lot of choices of colorant suppliers but here at Sudarshan we strive to deliver all your needs based on the latest marketplace trends.

Color Palette

We have over 175+ pigments in our portfolio (organics, inorganic, solvent dyes and mica effect pigments). Our brands - Sudaperm, Sudafast, Sudacolor, Sudajet, Sudatherm, Sudasol and Sumica provide color to coatings, plastic, and printing applications.

Global Presence

We have sales teams, distribution partners and warehouses around the globe, so we are ready to assist you locally for your questions and supply demands.

Full Service Applications Lab

Need troubleshooting tips on using our pigments in your formulas? We can help! Looking for offsets for other/discontinued pigments? We can help!

Technical Training

We offer technical webinars each month called “Pigment 101” and we can even come to your location to have an even more tailored program for your team.

Cost Effective Alternatives

Do you love the effect of borosilicate, but don't love the price? Try our Sumica Radiant pigments – a cost efficient alternative to higher cost synthetic mica pigments.

Big Picture Initiatives

A percentage of Sudarshan's annual earnings go towards women empowerment, community health centers, staffing schools in the villages near our plants, bus services to our plant for the workers, as well as employing a higher percentage of differently abled workers.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Sudarshan's R & D center is 100% solar powered and Sudarshan is the only chemical company in India that's allowed to discharge effluent water from our manufacturing sites into the rivers because it comes out cleaner than when it went in. Through our efforts focusing on reducing water consumption and recovering valuable raw material we are making efforts to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Child Free Labour

All of our pigments are made with mica from government-approved sites. This means we have 100% traceability for our pigments.

Sudarshan’s Got You Covered