Sudarshan earns OEKO-TEX® EcoPassport certificate

At Sudarshan, we are dedicated at making a positive impact on the environment and fostering sustainability in all aspects of our operations. We are thrilled to announce that we have received OEKO-TEX® Eco Passport certificate for our Sudatex products.

Sudarshan earns OEKO-TEX® EcoPassport certificate
The OEKO-TEX® EcoPassport is a prestigious certification that recognizes our adherence to environmentally responsible manufacturing processes and the use of sustainable materials in our products.

ECO PASSPORT by OEKOTEX® is an independent certification system for chemicals, dyes and auxiliaries. A multi-stage verification process analyses whether the products and each individual ingredient meet specific requirements with regard to sustainability, safety and compliance with statutory regulations.

Receiving the Eco Passport certificate underscores our dedication to provide chemicals optimized for human ecology and in reducing our ecological footprint.

This commitment is part of our core purpose of ‘Growing Together for a Sustainable Future’.

OEKO-TEX® EcoPassport certified Sudatex products:
  • Sudatex Black SC NGS 4372
  • Sudatex Blue SC-BR 4350
  • Sudatex Golden Yellow FRM 4317
  • Sudatex Navy Blue SC BRJ 4344
  • Sudatex Orange SC-G 4313
  • Sudatex Pink SC-SP 4332
  • Sudatex Violet SC -R 4341
  • Sudatex Yellow SCG 4319