Sudarshan Loves Mother Earth

As an energy-intensive company, Sudarshan is committed to energy efficiency and global climate protection. It wants to further reduce emissions along the value chain.

To achieve this, Sudarshan relies on efficient technologies for generating steam and electricity, increased use of renewable energies and has invested in solar and wind energy to help reduce its carbon footprint.

Sudarshan is making its production processes energy efficient with the help of comprehensive energy management and has reduced CO2 by 12,519 MT/year and fossil fuels by 6,548 Tons/year.

Two 2.1 MW wind turbines each generate electrical power of 5,845 MWh

Due to our world class environmental practices and state of the art effluent treatment facilities with stringent standards of operations, we are one of the few Indian chemical companies permitted to discharge treated effluent directly into the sea.

We spend over $2 million every year on environmental compliance. All plants are ISO 14000:OHSAS certified and a 131 KW solar power generation plant is installed at Sudarshan's R & D centre with approximately 80% of total demand fulfilled through solar power.

Sudarshan's climate protection actions make an important contribution towards emission reduction and resource efficiency.