Sudarshan Receives Export Award 2006-07

Sudarshan is the proud recipient of 2 awards from the Dyestuff Manufacturers Association in India for the year 2006-07.

Dr. J.A. Dudhbhate (Sr. Manager Environment Division) received the award on behalf of Sudarshan for Excellent Performance in Pollution Control for the third time in a row, showing their strong believes in durable growth and commitment to regulatory compliance.

'Sudarshan spends $1 million annually on environmental compliance and $3.4 million on effluent treatment plants', says Mr. Rajesh Rathi, Vice President Color Pigment Division, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited.

In addition, Sudarshan has been awarded for its strong presence in the markets for paint, plastic, inks, and cosmetics worldwide. They received the award for Excellent Performance in Pigments Export for the second time in a row. ‘The combination of leading products, local stock, and tailored customer service and support makes Sudarshan one of the fastest growing entities in the pigment industry worldwide’, says Mr. K.R. Ambekar, Vice President Engg, Sudarshan Chemical Industries Limited.

The Dyestuffs Manufacturers Association of India has been active in the promotion of the Indian colorants industry as a reliable producer of highest quality products conforming to Safety, Health and Environment standards, since 1950.