The Year That Was…

2022 is shortly in the books and for the most part it is a year to put behind us and plan for a better year in 2023, getting us back to normal.

At Sudarshan, we have been very busy this year bringing new chemistries, new products and new capacities to the global market to support our customers’ needs for colorants.

Here is a brief review of the forward steps we have taken to prepare for a great 2023.

New chemistries added making a more well-rounded organic pigment portfolio.

Pigment Yellow 138 (PY138)

This is not only a new chemistry for Sudarshan but we also built a dedicated production facility for these products. A few features to note.

Pigment Violet 23 (PV23)

This is also a new chemistry with its own dedicated production facility.

New products added to our inorganic pigment portfolio

Our line of CICPs expanded with the addition of 3 new CI’s

Look for second products for these color indexes - PY53, PBr24 and PY164 in 2023 and additional color indexes in the new year – PBl28 and PG50

New capacities all around our manufacturing facilities including silver mica line expansion and automation and HPP and Azo product lines expansion.

New and unique mica effect pigments

New blue mica effect pigments

  • Opaque - Sumica Regal Blue 41431, Sumica Regal Blue 41431NXR
  • High Chroma, Iridescent - Sumica Radiant Blue 41443

Additional maroon earth tone mica

  • Technical support for all our customers
  • 10 Pigment 101 webinars to help customer stay up to date on all things color
  • 4 technical papers given to industry technical conferences
  • A new and upgraded website
  • A social media milestone with 50K followers on Linkedin
  • Join us to get all the up-to-date information, product launches and other important information

With all of these accomplishments in 2022, Sudarshan is prepared to continue to meet all of your colorant needs. Please reach out to us at the following contact points.