Sudarshan at the Powder Coating Summit 2021

Attention all Powder Coating Producers. Sudarshan North America is looking forward to exhibiting at this year's Powder Coating Summit.

Powder Coating Summit 2021
Hilton Columbus/Polaris, Columbus OH
Event Date
September 22-23, 2021

We will have a table at the Summit and our Technical Marketing Manager, Bonnie Piro will be presenting a technical talk at the conference. The presentation abstract is below.

The Impact of Pigment Finishing on Powder Coating Performance

Organic pigments are synthesized molecules that result in providing a narrow color (chroma and hue) around the color wheel and within that pigment chemistry or color index there is a small window for color shifting.

However, the method in which we ‘finish’ the pigment - wash, surface treat, dry, mill, etc. can greatly impact the pigment's performance in a powder coating.

In this presentation, we will explore the impact of various finishing steps on powder coating properties such as gloss, pellet flow and overbake stability.

If we can support your pigment needs (organic and mica effect), please connect with us!

Ron Calloway Key Account Manager
Alex Prosapio Key Account Manager
Bonnie Piro Technical Marketing Manager