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Sudarshan is a global supplier of high-end pigments with a diverse range of products ranging from organic, inorganic and effect pigments to performance colorants, pearlescent pigments and speciality chemicals.

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World Class Operations

Our world-class operations system gives competitive advantage to our Company and helps in delivering…

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Initiatives for the Future

Sudarshan is committed to the concept of sustainable development in all aspects of its businesses and…

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Towards Our Vision

Sudarshan has specialised in colors and chemicals for 70 years and has acquired a strong position in…

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Realize Your Potential

Sudarshan has a dynamic company culture with an exciting and vibrant, performance-driven work environment.…

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Guiding Our Future Initiatives

Action Plan Against Child Labour

At Sudarshan, ‘Sustainability’ is not just a buzzword; it is ingrained in our organizational DNA and…

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SUDHA Initiative Impact Assessment Report

Sudatherm Copper Black 6461C TDS

SUDHA Initiative community development project was undertaken from 2017 to 2020. The program was implemented…

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Sudarshan's Action Plan Against Child Labour

Action Plan Against Child Labour

To minimize risks in our supply chain and to fight child labour in general, Sudarshan has developed a…

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